Reuben’s Official Artwork for his CV-VV Design

Reuben Red

A hyperactive boy with selfish tendencies and empathic powers.

He has two voicebanks. One being CV-VV and the other VCV. Both are intended for Japanese, however the VCV voicebank has extra samples for limited English.

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Reuben’s UTAU Wiki Page

Emily’s Official Artwork

Emily Grey

A lazy girl in her mid teens with a competitive attitude and telekinetic powers.

Her voicebank was made for the Japanese language, encoded and aliased in Romaji, was recorded with a CV-VV reclist and has three pitches: DARK, NORMAL and FALSETTO.

You can download her voicebank here.

Emily’s UTAU Wiki Page

A sample of Emily’s voice.
A Reference Sheet for Emily
Blake’s Official Artwork for their C-V Design

Blake Sharp

An otaku by day, a graffiti artist by night, and a singer whenever you choose.

They have two voicebanks. One being C-V and the other CV. Both are intended for Japanese. The C-V voicebank comes with files to help convert CV USTs to C-V. These files were provided by Irunabara

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Blake’s UTAU Wiki Page

SEPIA’s Official Artwork


A parasite that has taken possession of a young woman’s corpse.

Her voicebank was made for the Japanese language, encoded in Romaji (don’t ask about her aliases), was recorded with a CV reclist without diphthongs (such as kya, gyu etc.) and has one pitch- if you could call it a pitch-

You can download this experiment/joke utauloid here.

SEPIA’s UTAU Wiki Page

A sample of SEPIA’s voice
A Reference Sheet for SEPIA
Slime Pig’s Official Artwork

Slime Pig

A strange creature of unknown origin.

Its voicebank is composed of farts, burps and other disgusting sounds.

You can download this bizarre joke utauloid here.

Slime Pig’s UTAU Wiki Page

A sample of Slime Pig’s voice.

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